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Best Wreck Scuba Diver in NSW

Picture of Rick Latimer 1992 Rick was a diver, father, writer and investigator. He was regarded as the leading authority on wreck diving in New South Wales, Australia. He has been honoured by the PADI Australia Award and by Life Membership in the South Pacific Divers Club. Rick died of cancer in March 1996.
How many portholes does the country need?
The Australian Historic Shipwreck Legislation (1976), which prohibts the collection of 75 year old shipwreck artifacts, works against the intrests of divers, historians and the community. A review by Rick Latimer, South Pacific Divers. Text as published by Dive Log Australia, April 1996. Photos from Mark Spenser.

Biography/Tribute to Rick
Why we all love and miss him. By Martin Kandalis, as published in "Wet Rag", April 1996. Photos from Mark Spenser.

How I learned to loved Family Holidays
... non-diving that is, By Rick Latimer

South Pacific Divers Club
Diving to adventure since 1962. Australasian Underwater Photographer of the Year. Based in Sydney Australia.

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