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The Honorary President Model incorporates the advantages of direct-election with the conservative features of the present constitution. It provides a constitutional framework that is consistent with federalism, natural law and fundamental freedoms.

The proposed changes to our constitution under the model are minimal and flexible. Of the twenty sections with references to the Queen, there are just six that would need significant amendment. Detailed provisions are left out of the constitution and the Parliament is asked to put this detail into legislation, which is more adaptable over time.

The concepts within the model are readily supportable. There is a Head of State who is independent of the Prime Minister, yet is principally a ceremonial figurehead. The constitutional conventions underpinning our Westminster system of responsible government are maintained and not compromised in any sense real or perceived.

A strong case can be made that this republic would be better than the status quo. Certainly, it is an improvement over existing republican models.

Finally, this model is a new and unique development in the republican debate. It was developed after learning the lessons of the republican referendum defeat. At the very least it should show that developing practicable new models is not just possible but an absolute necessity.

To date, this model is a draft, developed in isolation. Despite the confidence with which this submission is made, it is expected that this draft be developed further after study and consultation with any interested person or group.

The author thanks you for your time in reviewing the Honorary President Republican Model

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