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Internet Links

The following Internet sites provide valuable information for any person wishing to discover more about our constitution and the Republican Movement in Australia and worldwide

Australian Republican Movement

The ARM is the leading republican movement in Australia and has been instrumental in putting the issue on the national agenda. They were most successful at the 1998 Constitutional Convention and were able to get the bi-partisan appointment model to referendum in 1999.

Senate Republican Inquiry

During 2004, the Legal and Constitutional Committee of the Australian Senate have been taking submissions and holding hearings on the republic issue. They have had a close look at the Honorary President Model and a few others, but the main focus is the process how to find the right model that would be successful at a referendum.

McGarvie Model

The McGarvie model is the ancestor of the Honorary President Model which incorporates the crucial McGarvie mechanisms. The McGarvie model made it to second-place at the 1998 Constitutional Convention. All serious model development since has made use of the McGarvie dismissal mechanism to avoid a deadlock between the Prime Minister and Governor General.

Constitutional Council Model by Peter Crayson

This model is very worthwhile to look at because the powers of the executive are spread across a number of constitutional actors and entities. It accepts that the Queen cannot be simply deleted from the constitution and that the conventions between the Governor-General and the Prime Minister cannot be codified in a single vaguely written sub-section.

John Pyke's Australian Constitutional Information

John is a leading academic and constitutional lawyer based in Queensland. He explains why an Australian republic must provide for a Directly Elected Head of State and also supports Approval Voting.

Approval Voting

Explains in detail the method of electing the Honorary President and the benefits of adopting a fairer, simpler and less expensive voting system.

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