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Site Organisation and Resources

You have reached the Resource Station for the Honorary President Republican Model. If you are not familiar with the model, it is recommended that you review one of the other sections of this website. You can make your selection from the following:


1   An Introduction to the Honorary President - provides a quick outline of the model with useful illustrations. How the model works is explained without legal mumbo-jumbo and you'll understand the main advantages in practical terms.


2   Senate Submission - provides a comprehensive explanation of the model, as provided to the Senate Republican Inquiry of 2004. Although it assumes some knowledge of the constitution, it is still very readable and ideal for those undertaking study or research.

Once familiar with the model, you will find the Resource Station of great use:


3   Resource Station - Use the navigation bar on the left of this page to access printable versions of the model for friends and colleagues and review sample documents bringing the Office of the Honorary President to life. There are also links to similar models and to the most important Internet sites related to Australian Republicanism in general.

Don't forget that we want to answer your questions about the model and get your opinion of its overall worth, so write a letter or give us a call.