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Change Control

Change Control introduced on 15th February 2005

Section 1 - Introduction

07-Sep-2004Original version completed of this section
08-Jan-2005Minor changes to text
09-Feb-2005Title of apex.html changed; Fix minor errors in text; Moved Links and Related Models page to Section 3
20-Mar-2005Include The People on first diagram
16-Jun-2005Update picture and caption on tenure page
02-Sep-2005Reference to British monarch on Apex page
02-Sep-2005Other sections more distinctly presented. LHS colour change
08-Feb-2019Link to Copernican forum
08-Feb-2019Remove personal address
24-Nov-2022Remove forum link
24-Nov-2022Replace Queen with King Charles or King/Queen

Section 2 - Senate Submission

31-Mar-2004Original version in MS-Word sent to Legal and Constitutional Committee of the Australian Senate
21-May-2004Conversion into HTML completed
08-Sep-2004Various minor fixes across all pages; added title page
08-Feb-2005Various minor fixes across many pages; Corrected inconsistancy with Honorary President's salary
07-Mar-2005Added the following words to the draft of section 4: During any vacancy of office, period of incapacity or absence from the Commonwealth of the Governor-General, the provisions of this constitution relating to the Governor-General shall recursively extend and apply to the longest-serving State Governor. This section is presently relied upon to appoint an administrator. Explanation also added to page text.
10-Mar-2005Minor fix on intro.html
02-Sep-2005Other sections more distinctly presented. LHS colour change

Section 3 - Resources

10-Feb-2005Original version
15-Feb-2005Added Change Control and Legal Pages
18-Feb-2005Added Powers Compared page
07-Mar-2005Added new text of section 4 to all three draft ammendment pages. See Section 2 above.
07-Mar-2005Legal notice to cover PDF documents specifically
10-Mar-2005Update Hon_Pres_Document.pdf. Minor fix and reference to the website included
12-Mar-2005Added Hansard Page
16-Jun-2005Minor fix on Hansard Page - missing speaker
16-Jun-2005Add link to Egalitarian Republic on Related Models Page
21-Jun-2005Add Quadrant June 2005 article and legal notice update
21-Jun-2005Links from budget to staff page
02-Sep-2005Sections distinctly presented by colour on LHS and index
02-Sep-2005Add link to John Pyke and Approval Voting
08-Feb-2019Remove personal address
24-Nov-2022Remove or replace dead links
24-Nov-2022Remove forum link


07-Sep-2004Index.html original version
10-Feb-2005Index.html Minor update to text and add link to Resources
10-Mar-2005Repeat model name several times