Decuries is a two player strategy game derived from the history of the Roman Civil Wars.


A decury was a group of ten men and used in the political assemblies, in the military and in the barbaric practice of decimation. Pieces are named after magistrate positions and follow the Roman constitutional practice of pairing positions of authority.


While Chess is derived from feudalism, Decuries is a republican game with no king. The game captures the thrill and military uncertainty and provides opportunity for bluffing and faints, without dice or randomness.


Players do not take alternative turns but move simultaneously, removing any first move advantage. The game engages both players continuously and with minimal time waiting for their opponent to move.


The combination of simultaneous play, situational uncertainty, decimation and republican objectives provide a multi-faceted strategic game the intellectual depth that will take decades or centuries to appreciate.


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The online version of the game was previously available online. Here is a sample image of the game:



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